Schmidt hydra coupe

schmidt hydra coupe

Schmidt hydra coupe

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Simon has just re-rendered one of those - the almost psychedelically cool Schmidt Hydra V16 Coupe - in a beautiful HD quality short film, which you can watch here. But he hired me. The film is set in and the main villain, Schmidt, has this fanatical vision for the future. So my brief was to dream up something that would have seemed wildly futuristic, but in The car had to be bigger, and more menacing.

So I scaled up one of our designs, and found myself in the parking lot measuring truck wheels and tyres. Which was when I realised this thing was definitely going to be truck-based. With its 10 wheels and 7. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. Look out for your regular round-up of news, reviews and offers in your inbox. Get all the latest news, reviews and exclusives, direct to your inbox. Your information will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Thanks for that. And thanks for reading Autoblog.

Jonathon Ramsey. The V16 Hydra Schmidt Roadster is the kind of bolide that makes kids rather be villains than do-gooders. Underneath bodywork cued off of the Mercedes-Benz K, Mercedes G4 four-wheel drive and vintage Duesenberg and Bentley design language is a V8 dragster engine from Ford , all settled on a truck chassis and truck wheels. His tagline is "Style For All Galaxies. Check out the Schmidt Hydra in the video below. Sign in to post.

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